Baptisms: Baptisms are wonderfully joyful occasions. It is the sign of new life in Christ and unites Christ with his people. Baptism is the way in which the church receives people into the family of God to live life in a new way and with new meaning. At the time of baptism, the person is formally received as a member of the church. People of all ages may be baptized:   infants, children and adults. Any adult who is baptized may wish to bring their children to be baptized.

Weddings: In marriage, couples “give themselves to each other in love…to care for each other …united in love (so as) to grow together united in that love.” (from the Service of Celebration and Blessing of a Marriage). Should you wish more information to help in planning your special day, please contact the Minister for our Wedding Information Package.

Funerals: The death of a loved one is always difficult and our Minister is available to meet and pray with you, and to assist in the planning of a funeral service. It is an honour to accompany you during this time, and to offer a place of hospitality and welcome. Funeral and memorial services at The Regional Ministry of Hope are distinctively Christian, being based on the liturgies of the Church, but are shaped around the life of the person we are giving thanks for. Services are characterised by joy and by the reality that nothing can separate us from the love of God, even as we honour the very real grief that comes when someone we love, or struggle to love, has died.