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April 20, 2022  

Dear members of the Diocese of Huron,  

Today we received the news that Archbishop Mark MacDonald has resigned as National Indigenous Anglican Archbishop.

The circumstances of his resignation and relinquishment of ministry are deeply grieving. Please see the message from our Primate that accompanies this letter.  

We ask your prayers for all who are involved especially for the complainant, for all those who are experiencing a painful betrayal of trust, and for Mark.  

We continue in our commitment to stand with any person who has been harmed, especially those who have been harmed by members of the church. We continue to work on our own policies and practices for preventing misconduct and for responding to abuses.  

Please join us in praying for healing, truth and reconciliation in Christ.  

+Todd, Bishop of Huron and Rosalyn+, Archdeacon for Reconciliation and Indigenous Ministry