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Last week there were two ordinations in our Diocese! The first was on Tuesday, May 31, 2022at St. Michael and All Angel’s Church in London and the second was held yesterday at St. George’s Church in Owen Sound.

Bishop Townshend ordained 
The Reverend Jean Doyle and The Reverend Ann Webber to the Priesthood on The Visit of the Blessed Virgin Mary to Elizabeth at St. Michael's and All Angels. The preacher was the Venerable Sam Thomas. Photos from that evening can be viewed here.

At St. George’s, Owen Sound 
Bishop Townshend called the following people to the Priesthood on the Eve of Pentecost yesterday afternoon:

  • The Reverend Brendon Bedford

  • The Reverend Gilles Haché

  • The Reverend Carol McCurdy

The Reverend Jordan Murray was the preacher.

Photos from that evening can be viewed here.


Bishop Todd Townshend has accepted the request of the Reverend Larry Edwards to retire effective August 31, 2022, with his last day in the parish being Sunday July 17th.  Larry was ordained a deacon on June 5, 2007 and priested on November 29 of that year.

He has served the parishes of St. George’s-on-the-Wye, Thorndale; Christ Church, Lakeside; St. John’s, Thamesford, St. Luke’s, Crumlin and St. Peter’s, Dorchester.  He has also served on the Ad Hawk Task Force and on Diocesan Council as well as the Regional Dean of Brough. 

We wish Larry well in his retirement.


Bishop Todd Townshend appoints the Reverend Eleanor Caruana as the rector of Holy Trinity, St. George (part-time), effective September 1, 2022. 

Eleanor is retiring as the full-time rector of Trinity, Cambridge on July 31, 2022.



On behalf of Bishop Townshend, the Venerable Osita Oluigbo will induct the Reverend Patty Dobbs Luxton as the rector of St. Thomas, St. Thomas on Sunday, June 12th at 4pm followed by a reception in the parish hall. The preachers will be the Reverends Sharla Malliff and Paul Poolton. Clergy are invited to vest the colour being white.

On behalf of Bishop Townshend, the Venerable Sam Thomas will induct the Reverend Aidan Armstrong as the rector of St. George’s, London on Trinity Sunday, June 12th at 4pm.  The preacher will be the Reverend Joel Steiner.  Clergy are invited to vest, the colour being white.