Funerals at the Regional Ministry of Hope, Blyth, Brussels, Hanover & Wingham,  Ontario.

As you plan for a funeral or are now experiencing your own grief at the death of a loved one, we wish to assist you with some information that we hope will help you through this difficult time.

Pre-planning Arrangements & Service
If it is at all possible, pre-planning lessens the stresses for the family at the time of death, and ensures the preferences of you or your loved one are met. Please ask for our Funeral Planning Form to guide you and your family in discussion and planning. Your chosen funeral home can help as well.

When a loved one is seriously ill 
Many find the days around death extremely difficult; grief is one of those all – consuming emotions. This is normal and natural. Death can be a holy time too, when God’s creation returns to the creator. We ask the Divine to enfold you as you walk this emotional road.
A helpful suggestion is to involve the clergy person in the process of death. Clergy appreciate being asked to attend the bedside, to offer prayers for the dying, or to just hold your hand as death touches the life of your loved one. Please let us lift you up in prayer and hope in your time of crisis.

Planning the Funeral:
After death has taken place, there is usually a flurry of activity as people are contacted and plans are made. What follows is a list of considerations and expectations (including fees) that apply to the church.

Cremation or Burial?
This personal decision can be a challenge to make. Your local funeral home or cremation services company would be a good place to begin to seek advice and costs and will help you determine what would work best for your situation. Clergy can be helpful with the many aspects of funeral service planning for a church funeral.

When to contact the clergy? Should you choose to not use the services of a funeral home and opt for direct cremation you may well be responsible for all aspects of funeral planning and scheduling. So, if you have not already contacted the clergy, please do so as soon as possible after your loved one’s death to book a day and time for your family funeral as clergy sometimes have conflicts in their schedules that need to be recognized.

Visitations can be accommodated at both churches. As this does require some additional planning, please advise us as soon as possible, if this is your wish.

Publicity is another issue that needs to be considered, when not using the full services of a funeral home. Newspaper or online obituaries and/or funeral cards are your responsibility.

Memorial donations cannot be processed through the church except when the church is the designated charity. If you have a charity to which you would like to direct donations, please obtain envelopes etc. from them to accommodate this wish.

 Music: Songs, style of music and hymns choices are a very personal and meaningful part of a Christian funeral liturgy. In our experience, most families do want music to be a part of the service. Please give some thought to the hymns or the style of music you would like for your service. Each church has a piano and organ and an organist who is usually able to accommodate your needs, as well as a CD player that can be played over the speaker system. Other musicians are welcome, and if you wish to have other musicians to be a part of the funeral service, please discuss this with the clergy.

Scriptures, prayers and other readings During challenging times in our lives, scripture can be a great source of comfort, reminding us of our Lord’s ever present love and care, and life everlasting in Christ.
Please give some thought to favourite or significant scriptural passages that you would like as part of the liturgy and, if you wish other appropriate non-scriptural readings. Scriptural passages can be suggested to help you decide, should you wish. The reading of scriptures, other readings and prayers are a nice way for family and friends to participate in the service, and you may wish to give consideration to who might like to take part in this way.

Luncheons/Receptions: All four churches are usually able to provide a luncheon in their respective parish halls, as part of your church funeral, should you wish to use the Church facilities for a reception after the funeral. Costs are specific to each church, and if you wish to avail yourself of this service, please let the clergy know.


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