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Seeing More Clearly

Seeing More Clearly  Based on Luke 24. 13-35 We continue reading this week with stories of what happened on that first Easter Sunday, and interestingly the story of Jesus meeting up Cleopas and his friend is only told in Luke’s gospel. It’s Sunday afternoon, and these two gents, followers of Jesus,are returning home to Emmaus […]

Thomas: Doubter or Believer–maybe both!

Easter 2: April 19, 2020:  Thomas:  Doubter or Believer—Maybe Both!    Based on John 20: 19-31 Our gospel story for this second Sunday of Easter from John’s gospel tells us what happened on that first Easter Sunday evening.  The disciples, as the followers of a Rabbi crucified as an enemy of the state, are understandably afraid […]

Do Not Be Afraid  ~ Homily for Easter 2020

Do Not Be Afraid  ~ Homily for Easter 2020 ~ Based on Matthew 28: 1-10 Each of the four gospel writers have a narrative about the resurrection, and we tend to alternate the reading of them each Easter.  The gospel writers, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John were the chroniclers of the story of Jesus’ life, […]