Hello!   The change of seasons is well and truly upon us as we close off October!  What impacts me as much as the falling leaves and temperatures, is the shortened day light hours.   The dark morning hours make it more challenging to get up and going in the morning I find!   I’m almost looking forward to the clock changing this weekend!
And corresponding with the clock changing is the time change at the churches too.  St. James will get the 9 a.m. service and Trinity the 11 a.m. service.
Now, St. James has completed their kitchen renovations, and has decided to make good use of this and the early service time and start a monthly after church brunch—on the third Sunday of the month.  So join in for the first one on the 20th!
The Durham Legion joins us at Trinity this coming Sunday for a Remembrance Service. 
Darkening evenings make great time for reading, so join us for a new book study on “The Faith Club”.  Three women, a Jew, a Muslim, and a Christian come together to understand more about each other’s faith—and in the process get a deeper understanding of their own faiths too—and the bond between the three religions.  The Book Study will run 5 weeks, beginning the 3rd week in November.  Monday morning at Trinity, Thursday evenings at St. James.  Pick the time & place that suits you best.  I have a few copies of the book, but if you can purchase your own or get one from the library, that works too.   
The end of the month finds us starting Advent, and of course Christmas Bazaar Season. 

PLEASE NOTE:  St. James has moved their Bazaar and Bake Sale up one week to Saturday the 26th of November so that Trinity members can come to St. James and St. James folk can go to Trinity’s after the parade Luncheon & Bazaar the first Saturday of December (3rd).  Donations of baking and nearly new items are of course most welcome at both churches.

The Durham Ministerial Advent Lunches tradition continues again this year, with Trinity hosting the first one on Nov.30th.

“For everything, there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven.”  Ecclesiastes 3: 1.

Blessings, JoAnn

Rev. JoAnn Todd, Rector
Anglican Parish of Hanover – Durham