Well, we’re just days away from ‘All Hallows Eve’, and the weather’s changed, and it seems an end to the glorious summer-like autumn weather. For the first time this season, there was frost on my car windshield this morning!
Trinity starts the month with a new venture—a Roast Beef dinner. There are still some tickets left if you haven’t yet got one! And on the first weekend of November we have the change of times—we “fall back” and gain the hour of sleep we lost in the spring, and we change times for services as well—all on the same Sunday. So St. James’ services 9 a.m. on November 5th won’t feel so early! And Trinity’s services will of course move to 11 a.m. And November 5th will be a day of remembrance—we will celebrate the Saints of the Church, and remember the veterans.
I will be on vacation the week following, and the lay readers will lead you in a Service of Morning Prayer on November 12th. The following week will be Anniversary Sunday for each church.
There will be two special Deanery gatherings this month, open to all who wish to attend. As you may be aware, last year at the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada, delegates very narrowly passed a resolution to change the Marriage Canon to allow Priests to preside over same gender weddings. Any changes to canons at the General Synod level must be passed at two consecutive General Synods, the next one is in 2019. At the directive of Bishop Linda, the members of our Synod in May of this year held discussions on the Marriage Canon, helping us understand the potential repercussions and allowing opportunities for all who wished to share their opinions and feelings about it. Bishop Linda is encouraging similar discussions across our Diocese to allow opportunity for learning, understanding and a sharing of opinions and feelings, so the delegates from Huron can represent the diocese at General Synod. The Deanery of the Saugeens will hold two “Conversations on the Marriage Canon” at two locations at opposite ends of the Deanery, to encourage as many people as possible to attend by minimizing travel times. One will take place on Wednesday November 22 at St John’s in Port Elgin, the other the following Wednesday, November 29 at Christ Church in Meaford. Each will begin at 7 p.m. and will not exceed one and a half hours, so everyone should be on their way home by 8:30. The purpose of the gathering is to understand more about the proposed changes to the Marriage Canon and to be part of the Diocese of Huron consultation process, by sharing our thoughts, questions and concerns with honesty and patience. There will be a video presentation and then conversation circles with specific questions to guide our conversations. (Much like what happened at Synod) This is to be a discussion, not a debate. I encourage you to try and attend one of these evenings.
We have a new Christmas Shoebox campaign this year—a Canadian program. “ ‘I Love First Peoples’ is a Canadian registered charity that empowers Indigenous youth to succeed in school, through projects that give all Canadians an opportunity to show their care and play an active role in reconciliation. This November, I Love First Peoples will be collecting gift-filled shoeboxes across Canada.”1 Trinity will be the drop off for the area for these Christmas shoeboxes. Please see the posters in your church for more information, or ask me or Robin Gingerich for more information. All shoeboxes must be at Trinity by Friday December 1st at the latest!
St. James ends the month with a new venture — offering our Prayer for Healing services to the larger community. The first one will be on Thursday evening November 30that 7 p.m. So please pass the word, and invite someone to come with you to share in our special and spiritual experience of God’s healing love.

Blessings for November.  Reverend JoAnn+