Sermons from February 2018

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A Promise is a Promise – Homily for Lent 2

A Promise is a Promise! Sermon for February 25th, 2018  the 2nd Sunday in Lent. (based on Genesis 17, 1-7, 15-16)   Our reading from the Hebrew Bible, or the Old Testament, is the story of the covenant between the Lord and Abram and Sarai. This is the third time the Lord has appeared to […]

One Way Promise ~ Homily for Lent

Message for the First Sunday of Lent: A One Way Promise Do you know what I discovered when I started researching about this story of a great flood? That there are many cultures around the world that have flood legends, some stories even older than Noah’s Ark story. For example, the Babylonian’s have a story […]

The Healing of Naaman

The Healing of Naaman: Based on 2 Kings 5: 1-14 February 11, 2018 The Healing of Naaman is one of my favourite O.T. stories; so many interesting characters and personalities in this story. Naaman, the great and powerful military general from the country of Aram has contracted a skin disease that can potentially destroy his […]

Raised Up to Serve

Year B Epiphany 5 Healing of Peter’s Mother in Law Mark 1:29 – 39 Our gospel story for today is actually the continuation of the story we heard last week, the first healing story in Mark’s gospel. Here’s a recap: while Jesus was in the Temple teaching, and the people are amazed at his teachings, […]