Sermons from January 2017

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Needing the Light Homily for Third Sunday of Epiphany

Needing the Light: Homily for the Third Sunday of Epiphany. Based on Isaiah 9: 1-4, 1 Cor1.10-18, Matt 4: 12-23. So, here we are, just past the middle of January. The excitement and joy of Christmas well and truly behind us, and the weather has been a real drag. The days are short and mostly […]

Into Christ’s Baptism, We the Servants

Into Christ’s Baptism, We the Servants: 2017 Based on Isaiah 42.1-9 It is well accepted in scholarly circles that the book of Isaiah was written over a long time period of Israel’s history and is in fact of compilation from 3 different people, who for easy reference are known as first, second and third Isaiah. Our […]