Sermons from November 2016

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Still Watching & Waiting, Message for Advent 1

Message for the First Sunday of Advent: Still Watching and Waiting! Based on: Matthew 24: 36-44, Romans 13: 11-14 Well, you can tell it’s Advent by the New Testament scriptures we have for today — warnings about proper behaviour and the end of the world coming. We hear about Paul’s admonitions to the members of […]

Message for Remembrance Service

Message for The Day of Remembrance Service 2016 Based on Haggai 1: 15b-2:9   Remembrance Day, for many, it is a day is of memories, thinking back to the events that happened, people who have served and are now gone, remembering how people’s lives changed because of war, both individuals and whole nations of peoples. […]

November Message from Rev. JoAnn Todd

Hello!   The change of seasons is well and truly upon us as we close off October!  What impacts me as much as the falling leaves and temperatures, is the shortened day light hours.   The dark morning hours make it more challenging to get up and going in the morning I find!   I’m almost looking forward […]